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Why Black IV?

Real-time Insights: Our machine learning cracks millions of data points daily. Know more than your competition.
Rigorous Analysis: No fluff. Our data undergoes stringent testing ensuring top-notch accuracy.
Budget Friendly Access: Elite tools at a non-elite price. That's democratized trading.

Juice by Black IV

Spot market moves before they're news. Our dynamic oscillator uncovers the unseen.

Greek Moons by Black IV

Track anomalies like a hawk. Dive into data, detect market shifts.

Greek Chains by Black IV

Options trading? Get a bird's eye view. All data. One screen.

Strike Selector by Black IV

Choose wisely. Visualize gains, decide smarter.

Theoretical P/L by Black IV

Forecast your game. Our calculator lays out potential wins and losses.

The Feed by Black IV

Stay ahead of the chatter. Real-time sentiment tracking for the informed trader.